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Demag the expert in bridge cranes, overhead cranes, Wire rope hoists, Electric chain hoists:

We offer many lifting and material handling solutions. From bridge cranes, overhead cranes, to overhead bridge crane kits that allow regional bridge crane building. As a bridge crane and overhead crane and bridge crane expert Demag can offer many solutions. Follow the links and see the products we offer. We have a comprehensive product range of Overhead bridge crane and handling technology to smaller Electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists. Demag Cranes and Components provides special solutions in various industries for travel applications, ergonomics and load handling at the workplace and material flow in production and storage. Demag also offers Service and service training to ensure the economical use of your bridge cranes, overhead cranes, wire rope hoists, and electric chain hoist products with its complete range of services, and thus lasting customer satisfaction.

Top running double girder overhead bridge crane:

• Bridge crane with low dead weight.
• Minimum wear of components.
• Wire rope hoist with long lifting heights.
• Top running bridge crane with top running hoist trolley
Double Girder Bridge Crane

Top running single girder overhead bridge crane:

• Available as rolled wide flange for bridge crane.
• Available as box girder bridge crane.
• Low headroom wire rope hoist.
• Top running bridge crane with under running hoist trolley.
Single Girder Bridge Crane

Under running single girder overhead bridge crane:

• Lower cost of ownership.
• Use of roof structure for suspension.
• Available switches for multiple cranes.
• Under running bridge crane with under running hoist trolley
Under Running Single Girder Bridge Crane

Single girder overhead bridge crane as a kit:

• Available as 3, 5, and 10ton kits.
• No electrical work needed.
• All you need is a local beam.
• Overhead Bridge crane built in 21 hours.
Bridge Crane Kit

Electric Wire Rope Hoist:

• Available from 3 ton to 170 ton.
• Available as packaged wire rope hoists.
• Available as open winch wire rope hoist.
• Top running or under running Wire rope hoist.
Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist:

• Available from high speeds to low speeds.
• Connections are “Plug and Lift” simple commissioning.
• No tool adjustable push button stations.
• Motorized or manual trolleys.
• Rapid chain replacement capability.
Electric Chain Hoist

Work station bridge crane:

• Low deadweight and headroom.
• Change as application needs.
• Freestanding structures available.
• Enclosed power.
Work station bridge crane

Service training school:

• 40 years of training schools.
• 3 days of overhead bridge crane training.
• Electric Wire rope hoist training.
• Electectric chain hoist training.
Service training school

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